Audio Profile of Paul Stephen Benjamin, 2019
Gordian Lightfoot, 2015-17
Wilderness, 2011
The New Sentence 2010-Current
Spamica (Installation), 2010
Adaptations of Pelt and Hoof, 2011
Children in Heat, 2009
Masonic Baseball, 2008
Tent City, 2007
Operation Detachment, 2007
Monument, 2004
Needle Chases Thread, 2004
Guided By Voices, 2004
with love - Mae Marsh, 2004
September brings us back to school, 2004
Twinless Twin, 2002
Maybe it's Moobelline, 2002
Benji’s Work, 2002
Celebrate Her Pussy, 2001
The Offering, 1999
My Epaulette, 2012
Six Bruce Conners, 2017
Hollerfoot, 2007-Current
Basquiat of Deplorables, 2016




My aim has been to create a dialog from existing personal and public histories, to rewrite moments I believe are critical yet unrecognized, and to question how identity is formed communally between capitalism and unequal power relationships. 

Historically my concerns are primarily of race, class, and gender, and I continue to embrace these categories as among the most critical battlegrounds on which identity and status are forged. 

Regardless of my evolving interests, I return again and again to the figure of the scapegoat and other enigmatic representations of personal agency gone awry.

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Deirtra Thompson studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Maryland Institute of Art, and the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College where she received her MFA. Thompson has also attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Skowhegan, Maine.

Her films have been awarded a John H. Johnson Princess Grace Award and shown at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Her first book, Freeze Forensics, is forthcoming from Cashimotos Press in early 2019, in addition to work included in the Ritual and Capital Anthology published by Wendy’s Subway and Bard Graduate Center in the Spring of 2019.

Thompson lives, works, and teaches with her beautiful family in Brooklyn, New York, but remains a Baltimorian at heart.