Gordian Lightfoot, 2015-2017
Video 4:55 min

“Just like an old time movie, about a ghost from a wishing well”   Gordon Lightfoot

Gordian Lightfoot is a short film I made in 2015 and edited immediately after my father passed away. What began as a lighthearted film for a festival became an unexpected therapeutic filmmaking exercise. Short bursts of sound memories–from songs or jingles–were (and sometimes still are) for me, often the catalyst for uncontainable grieving. Since my father has died, I’ve been avoiding the music I love because certain musical scales (like C & D minor) and chord combinations can be an instant trip to a bottomless well.

The songs of Gordon Lightfoot–whose artistic vulnerability I admire immensely—were medicinal in this subterranean period, somehow tolerable when little else was.  Films where the hero finds her agency underground (The Descent, Carrie, Silence of the Lambs), were edited into a rough video pensieve, which was for me, a very practical tool to move through loss.