september brought us back to school, 2004
16mm film 1:35 min

September Brought Us Back to School is a film about an elaborate hazing ritual that occurred at all-white Catholic High School for girls in 1942, a few miles from where I used to live. Ending with a minstrel show performed by the senior class, the film merges images and text from a yearbook with found footage to describe the seemingly timeless characteristics of the abuse that occurred there. The film also aims to contextualize the girl’s minstrel performance as one facet of a our cultural obsession of appropriation where sexism and racism are cleaved into a unified whole.

Thank you to E. Boyle. 

Below you’ll see an earlier version of this project from 2001. I was just learning animation and made this under the working title Welcome to Rothville.

Welcome to rothville, 2001
ANIMATION 17 secondS