The Wilderness, 2011
Video 7:53 min

“I liked to go hunting with him, but I hated being the dog.”  Richard Pryor

Although I am extremely grateful for the silence and the persistent company of birds and mosquitos, I find forests pretty terrifying. Not because of snakes or the usual many-legged suspects, but because of death marches, mass graves, and dumping grounds. I made this film during a residency that I should’ve found peaceful, but found myself hypervigilant instead (for good reason I would later find out).

The Wilderness came out of this experience. It’s a series of shots articulating sound through time; a soundtrack to a public forest service commercial loops from a speaker in the woods as I try to replicate the stylized panning movements we recognize from nature television. I’m trying to coordinate the panning to sync with the shifts in the score but eventually, the ominous soundtrack, the isolation, and the frenzied pace starts to take its toll.